Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Real-List

Keep you feet on the ground and your head in the stars. Or something like that. 

After some intense online shopping, I've compiled a list of shoes that I would love to get. This is my "real-list : heel edition". When I say real-list, I mean realistic. That means, A, the shoes have to be in my size, and B, they have to be in my price range. I have a whole other dream-list for those gorgeous, way too small, overpriced confections that I've spotted. I'll show you guys that one later. These are all from the outnet, my favorite online shopping destination, and I tried to keep them all in the 100-300 range. So, pricey, but not ridiculous. Something I could probably purchase with some babysitting/bat mitzvah/birthday money. Anyways, here they are! Tell me what you think of the layout, I finally figured out how to do one of those cool collage-type things!

Links (starting from left, top row): DVF clogs, KORS Michael Kors clogs, Stella McCartney pumps, Abel Munoz pumps, Marni platform pumps, Georgina Goodman pumps, Camilla Skovgaard pumps, Abel Munoz sandals, Jil Sander loafer-style wedges, Tory Burch wedges, Michael Kors platform sandals, Chlo√© wedge boots.