Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Lush Life

I'm very disappointed in myself right now. After all the hard work I did this summer getting this blog set up, and all the amazing followers and friends that I have made from this experience, I've been really behind on my blogging. I've been kicking back and laughing at my original "every few days" blogging rhythm. It's been weeks of silence. But, here I am, promising that from now on, things will be different. Again. Oh well. No matter that I have yet to blog about fashion week(s). No matter that I have homework, play rehearsal, and cross country practice every day. No matter that I will probably only be blogging once a week, if that. I'm back, people.

Aaaaaand, I'm here to talk about Lush cosmetics once again. If I don't stop, people may begin to suspect I'm the daughter of the owner, or a cyborg invented by the Lush corporation to sell products, or a spokeswoman, compensated with free merchandise (hint hint). Anyways, as you have probably gathered from my cringe-worthy personal style shots, or lack of them, I have terrible skin. It's frustrating and upsetting at times, but I deal. It has, in some ways, helped me in life. Would I know this much about makeup and skincare if I had the skin of Cate Blanchett? Probably not. Would I be as diligent about sunscreen, proper washing, and lots of water if I had no need for it? No, again. So, while I can remain enviousn of my gorgeous 9-foot-tall, 90 pound friends who tell me they "never take off their makeup at night" and still have the most perfect, poreless, luminous complections I have ever seen, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that, eventually, my hormones will shut up, and my skin will clear, while theirs will be plagued by the effects of laying out in the sun sans-protection. Or at least, that is what I tell myself. I digress.

Wandering into my local Lush store a while back, I was ambushed by a saleslady, and forced to endure a full facial's worth of products, tried on the back of my hand (the agony). Multiple cleansers and moisturizers and masks thrust upon me, the product lust was almost overwhelming. But I got through it, and half guilt-bought half actual-bought a tub of their Dark Angels cleanser, with a small free-sample-tub of Herbalism cleanser thrown into the mix. Both of these cleansers are from Lush's crazy line of cleanser rolls, rolls of squishy powder-cleanser. You can buy it by weight, like cheese. When you get it home, you have only to pull off a piece, add water, and go. They're so weird, but I love them, and they're so portable its not even funny.

Both cleansers are made to combat oil and blemishes, but Dark Angels is the more "intense" (god, I hate that word) of the two. Its made with coal, to soak up oil, and give it a bad ass color, and sugar, which, along with the coal, exfoliates very thoroughly. I used Dark Angels every day, for about a month. I saw results right away. My skin was baby soft and awesome looking, on account of the huge amount of scrubbers that are packed into the cleanser, but, as time went on, it got too dry, and wimped out. Sadly, my pseudo-sensitive skin was no match for the roller coaster ride of a life time that is Dark Angels. I now use Dark Angels weekly to exfoliate. Nothing compares to it, and I just love the product.  It smells like licorice, looks like asphalt, and feels like...playdough? A few words of advice: Do not use this product in the shower. I know it says to on the website, but I disagree. Whenever I do, the little particles of cleanser stick to my floor, and are a pain to try to rinse away. The sink is much more manageable. Also, rinse VERY well after using. It will give you a five o'clock shadow, and some serious gender confusion issues, if you don't. Anyways, it works great, just not for the faint If you have the hardy skin of a miner, this coal-based cleanser is for you. If not, read below. You may like what you see.

Next on my roster of crazy skin cleansers to try was Herbalism. This is fairly similar to Dark Angels in delivery system (weird squishy powder block) and target (oil and blemishes), but this is more gentle, and suited for my skin. First off, Herbalism is slightly looser and...moister? God, I hate that word, again. It's a bit harder to manage, but not by much, and the payoff, for me at least, was better. Herbalism's oil control abilities are about the same as Dark Angel's, but the scrubbers, made from ground almonds, are much more gentle. Herbalism's main ingredients are rosemary, chamomile, and nettle, which erase blemishes, while ground almonds exfoliate. This was so much better for me than Dark Angels, and its green. Which is pretty awesome. Anyways, thats my story. To my readers: Thank you for putting up with me! And to the Lush Company: I do take payment in products. Thanks :)


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