Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zara Sale Picks

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Feeding my addiction to online shopping, and my enormous love of sales, I have been editing and reediting my shopping list from Zara, partially because spending enormous amounts of money on clothes is fun, but not a good life choice, and partially because showing you guys, my readers, a slideshow of 47 items is again, not a good life choice. Regardless here they are, in all their glory. I have already sung my praises for Zara before, so, I might as well just talk about the clothes.

I always feel a really great throw-on jacket is essential to your wardrobe, whatever your style might be. I've never been a fan of people saying any specific item of clothing is an essential, especially things that so clearly are not, but bear with me here. There is absolutely a jacket out there for everyone, whether that be, as in my case, a cute quasi-motorcycle jacket, or a legitimate, giant, scary, leather motorcycle jacket. Or a letterman jacket. Or a denim jacket. Or a Chanel jacket. Okay, I think you get the point, but if not, you can take it up with Suze Orman.

Also an essential, a little black dress (groundbreaking, right?). It's great for parties, funerals, concerts of the school variety (do not wear this to go see lady gaga), and pretty much everything in between. I love the jeweled collar on these two below. Which of the two do you guys prefer? I can't decide and it's killing me.

I am still loving the peplum trend (and praying it's still relevant) and therefore am in total need of both peplum pants and tops, naturally. Peplums are totally flattering, fic (fun and chic), and yet, as this is all from the sale section, potentially very, very, very last season. At least I admit to my fashion sins.

Also on the roster are some cool camo pants, a skirt in a tweedy material that I swear looks just like Chanel, and some loungewear-type scarf print pants that I hope to rock when the weather gets a little warmer (which, up here in the north, is never). So, that's my list! Broke-itude, here I come.

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