Sunday, March 16, 2014

Raising the Bar (Rinse and Repeat)

Having long, thick, naturally semi-wavy hair, I've never really had to learn much about hair styling. I just wash, air dry, and go. Washing my hair, however, is a process in and of itself. The shampoo never gets all the way through my hair. It soaps and lathers into a big bubbly blob right on top of my scalp, failing to obey my hands as they attempt to properly clean my hair. Getting hard to reach spots, like the back of my head, clean has always been a nightmare. There is simply too much hair to manoeuvre.

Enter: the bar of shampoo, sold at LUSH. Far from acting as a disgusting, hard-to-lather, residue-leaving bar of soap, the bar of shampoo has changed my life, and, with it, my hair. Besides being cost-effective and good for the environment (the average bar lasts 80 washes and requires no packaging), bars of shampoo save time and labor, every single step of the way. I no longer have to will my shampoo to lather into the back of my scalp, I can just rub it right where I need it go. It lathers quickly and rinses out perfectly, without leaving my hair feeling stripped, or worse, coated with weird residue.

Best of all, bars of shampoo are inherently portable. It's part of their charm. Instead of awkwardly spilling some of my favorite shampoo out of its bottle and into a travel container (and spilling half of it on the floor in the process), all I have to do now is throw my bar in my suitcase (equipped with branded LUSH shampoo bar container, of course). These bars come in several scents, from cinnamon to lavender, and they cater to all different hair types as well. The bar I have now, a dandruff-curing miracle worker that smells like a bonfire, is a personal favorite. So, I encourage you to go out, find your perfect match, and say goodbye to leaky bottles and overly long showers (due to appropriately long hair). All LUSH shampoo bars can be found here, along with their liquid shampoos. Get scrubbing!

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