Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missoni for Target

Freak Out! *Trigger Music*

Hey guys! Long time no talk. Sorry about that, I've been on vacation and there was absolutely NO INTERNET! I was dying!

I have to say I'm CRAZY excited for Target's newest designer collaboration with the classic Italian brand. I've always loved Missoni, and am really looking forward to the collection! From the photos and ads I've seen so far, the collection seems to be fairly similar to the very classic Missoni look, which I appreciate. It's very disappointing to hear about a new designer collaboration with an affordable store, only to see that they have decided to "go in a different direction" than what they usually do. So, without further ado, I present to you Missoni's 400 piece collection for Target (entire collection not shown):

 Love the sunhat and long gloves <3

 Minimal yet cute !

 Love the matching brushes and cases! Very chic

 I LOVE that headband!

 Simpler, yet pulled together and cute.

Headbands <3 <3 <3

 Love this look. I'm getting a sort of sixties vibe, don't you?

 Once again, loving the sun hat! This look is definitely a favorite!

 Lovin the headband and miniskirt, very preppy

 Wintery chic :)

 Cute pants!

 Love this for an everyday look! Is that one piece?

 Cute! I'm a big fan of one pieces, this is a definite Yes!

 This is another favorite of mine. I love those sleeves!

Cute pattern! I'm always looking for a stylish coat in my price range, thank you missoni!

 Love these! I live for ballet flats <3

 Cute Umbrella!

Silk scarves, my fave <3

Headbands and scarves <3

These shorts are my favorite! I love shorts that are not just normal cotton short shorts.

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