Friday, August 12, 2011

Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion

Because we're all stalkers on the inside.

Okay, so this is EXTREMELY random, but I think there's something beautiful and nostalgic about it. Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion. I'm not exactly sure why it's abandoned, I went to post about this immediately after seeing these pictures. Something about them is so....heartbreaking? I know it sounds silly. I know that this was a crazy party mansion, but I just feel this feelings of sadness when I look at them. Like broken dreams, if that makes sense. I know it doesn't, but I'll pretend it makes sense anyway! So here they are (all photos courtesy of illicit ohio):

 Something about this dirty, broken down house reminds me of grey gardens. I'll have to do a post on that sometime...

 I like the idea of something being "frozen in time". I feel like this house is frozen in time, in a way. Like it's exactly as Tyson left it, whenever he did leave. Just a little more barren and cold. A little more empty.

 I think the fact that it's winter in a lot of these makes everything more nostalgic and sad. These pictures feel quiet, if you know what I mean. I just feel like I'm there, in that quiet, cold house. I like that it's winter though. It's like a cheesy romance where it starts raining during the sad part. The snow intensifies the feeling of.....isolation? I will not stop until I figure out the right word!

 I think these might be tiger cages. Which scares me.............poor tigers.


  1. whoa thats nice, I think like you, when you talked about the sadness and cold, creating a pretty atmosphere kkkk, "fronzen in the time" i gotta keep this words..

    (Sorry about the english Im brazilian)

  2. This house is not abandoned anymor so please do not be sad.