Friday, August 12, 2011

Alexis Mabille

A woodland adventure.

 I have to say, how ever delayed it is, I really am loving Alexis Mabille's Fall Couture Collection. It's supposed to be inspired by La Fontaine's animal fables, and I was definitely getting some forest-y vibes, like a fairy tale. Each piece is supposed to be inspired by a different animal. I'm obsessed with I swear I learn about more designers there than in any magazine. So, here is his collection (all photos courtesy of

 Love that this dress could work fine for a party, but with the feathers, all the sudden you're a bird!

 This one is my favorite. I LOVE those tights with the shoes, and they go perfectly with that adorable dress! Doesn't it feel a little robin hood-esque? It might just be me. This is definitely my favorite in the collection. I would LOVE to have this in my closet!

 This is another favorite of mine in the collection. I'm thinking this is supposed to be a fox?

I like this one. It's minimalistic, but that little plume on the shoulder keeps it from being boring. Plus I love pink with greys. So pretty.

Love this! I'm a big dress person! This one reminds me of an alice and olivia dress from a while ago (shown below) The green and brown together are very woodsy, don't you think?
(alice and olivia dress)

 VERY dramatic. I'm wondering what this is supposed to be. I'm getting a really cool, fashionable slug, snail vibe...

 Love this one for a cocktail party! I love dark colored things that are also very cute.

 GORGEOUS! This one reminds me of leaves that curve to form a cone type shape. It's beautiful, definitely a show stopper.

 Amazing, right? Major drama, but wearable pieces. I feel bad, the review of the collection on said the collection was so so. Personally, I liked it. Sorry about some of my comments, the Rachel Zoe in me wants to figure out what "event" every dress would be good for! What do you guys think? (comment below)

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