Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stepford Wife Inspiration

Go make me a sandwich.

I thought I might do a sort of stepford wife, 1960s style shoot sometime soon. My style is pretty similar to theirs. Headbands, skirts, ponytails, etc. Here's some of my inspiration: 

 The Working Woman (not a wife, but I like her style)

Nicole Kidman in the movie "Stepford Wives" 

 Beautiful Dress!

 "Make me a sandwich" taken to new levels. Dead Eyes, perfect lashes.

 Jackie O looking perfect. I also love the head scarf on the woman in the background, very Edie Beale!

 Classic "Betty Boop" Dress

 Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens. Love the hair and makeup!

 More perfect hair and makeup!

 Mad Men. Beautiful dresses.

Mad Men dresses, gorgeous! 

Stepford Wives, all looking perfect. Especially love the white dress with red flowers growing up from the bottom.

Stepford Wives garden party. Love the hats.

Headband+Apron = Perfection <3

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