Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luisa Beccaria

Because it's pretty.

Just as the leaves are finally changing and the weathers getting colder, all the spring shows come to taunt us with what we will soon be missing; sunshine and warmth (I live up north, it gets freezing here!). With all that said, I am really loving Luisa Beccaria's latest collection. Its made up of these very light, simple, elegant pieces that remind me of a perfect summer on the Mediterranean. I really love Italian designs, especially here. Everything is simple, but still seems sexy, beautiful, pretty. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of her before, but this collection has definitely put her as one of my favorite designers. 

LOVE those sunglasses! 

Love that off the shoulder fit! Doesn't this seem very farm-girl chic?

This shape is so gorgeous. Very simple, yet sexy. Incredibly Italian. And I love that hat! Hats and sunnies are my kryptonite

This is a favorite of mine. Something about the print, hair, shape, and sunglasses feels retro to me.

This one is very sexy yet subtle and cute. Perfect for a beautiful summer day :)

I love this! Throughout the collection she keeps playing with these same elements. The romantic shape, the barely-there white fabric, the lace. I love the sleeves in this one!

This also has a very ladylike, retro feel. I love this one!

This is so romantic and beautiful! Everything is very soft and feminine. A favorite of mine. 

Does this remind anyone else of that red Erdem dress that seemed to up everywhere a while ago? (see pic below) Regardless I think its gorgeous. 

This is the dress I was talking about above.

I love the cut and color of this one. It goes perfectly with the model's skin, don't you think? Anyway, that shape is amazing.

I love the simplicity of this one. Very sexy. 

This seems almost like a "period" piece. Very literal. It reminds me of the belle epoque.

Simple yet sexy. I know i keep saying that, but it's true!

Love the color on this one.

Soft and romantic. Very feminine. Beautiful!

Love the print and cut on this one. A mix between romantic and sexy.

Awesome color, with an equally awesome hemline!

I love the simplicity and the sunny color.

LOVE the simplicity.

This has a really interesting color. The light fabric and tutu-esque skirt remind me of the ballet.

Again awesome cut and color! That hemline seems surprisingly flattering and easy to wear, though I'm sure its a pain to sit down in ;p

I love the stripes of texture. It reminds me of a garden.

Cool ombre.

This is a favorite of mine. The cut and pattern are awesome :)

I love this one!

This is beautiful! 

So, basically an AMAZING collection, right? Please comment below with your thoughts! I'd really love to hear what you guys think :)

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