Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Under the Sea

Don't you dare start singing. 

My Zara order FINALLY came! I'm loving everything in it, and keeping almost all of it...a few things fit me weird, but "que sera". So, one of the pieces that I was most excited to try on, and now most in love with, is this crazy fish print dress. It's a pale blue, thick, reflective material, that looks vaguely like the ocean, and then on on the skirt there's an ocean scene with lots of fish. It's one of those "wearable photograph" pieces. I've never really had anything like it before, and it's AWESOME. The cut is also very interesting. It has a very feminine fit-and-flare style cut, with exposed zipper and "v neck" in back.   I love the juxtaposition of the bionic, very scientific/edgy printing of the dress, with the girly, fun cut. It made for some difficult choices shoe-wise, though....

So, basically i spent half an hour standing in my closet trying on shoes. I had no idea what to do. My first thought was to go with the edgier print of the dress with a cool, almost bionic shoe. Then, I had the idea to do something girly (which is more my typical look). I ended up just showing you guys both, because I couldn't decide. I then accessorized with an some awesome costume jewelry (a dragonfly pin from the musée d'orsay, and vintage wraparound snake bracelet). My bracelet promptly disappeared from my arm, only to be found an hour later after it was too late. You guys will see it another time, I promise! So, yeah. I didn't want to overpower the dress, because, although I accessorized a tiny bit, I really want this to be about showing you the dress, not the outfit. I have to say, I think the pictures turned out pretty well considering it was my first ever photo-shoot! So, without further ado, I present to you, my dress! Give me some critique, I know I need it desperately...

Reviewing these pictures, I think I prefer the edgier shoes. I like playing up that side better. What do you guys think?

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