Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: Style and Cheek

Your new obsession.

A few weeks ago, while perusing the blog-o-sphere in search of some inspiration, when I came across Julia Amodt's blog Style and Cheek. I immediately loved it, and, following my own """expert""" (I had to put more than one set of quotation marks around that, just to show how sarcastic I'm being) blogging advice, which you can read here, I emailed her about a possible collaboration. Our styles, and voices, are fairly similar, and she just seemed so cool and friendly and funny. As luck would have it, she emailed me back! 27+ emails later, here it is. So here we go, blog introduction.

Her blog has the tone of a very stylin' friend taking you shopping, and it works. She has this effect that just makes you want to buy everything she blogs about, which is awesome, but dangerous. She's hilarious and smart, and has some of the funniest gifs I have ever seen. I have a lot of respect for people with gif talents. The blog is a cool mix of collages, shopping-spree inducing clothing posts, some very witty, but very real advice pulled from unexpected places, and her own signature posts, called "pinterest picks". It's basically a look into her brain. She shares and understands my love of fancy and delicious chocolate, lipstick, and saying "haters gonna hate". Julia, you are incredibly, unfailingly, and awe inspiringly classy, and it shows throughout your blog. You just never stop being classy. (Gif courtesy guessed it, Style and Cheek). I love this because one of my favorite things to do is to take normal things and turn them into "classy things" (exhibit A: classy pudding). Her blog is so uniquely her own, and so memorable and fun to read, genuinely fun to read. Where else would I have learned that David Bowie is my style twin, or nodded my head as repeatedly and whole heartedly as I did when I read her post about how fashion bloggers that are famous seem to ignore their followers who also have blogs, as if we are out to get them or something. Its cynical but its true. Anyways, this girl's so cool and classy, so listen to what she has to say!

How did you get into blogging?

I’ve always had really strong opinions and strong taste when it comes to fashion and personal style. My friends and family encouraged me to start a blog even though I didn’t think it was something for me, but as it turns out I really love doing it.

What is inspiring you right now?
I’m looking forward to a change of pace and finding new things that inspire me in Savannah, GA. I’ve never been to the South and know that an idyllic frilly dress wearing, tea party culture sadly isn’t a realistic hope. I really have no idea what to expect, I just know I’m going to have a lot to talk about.
Other than that, I am loving anything whimsical and water colored – all of the Swash collection for example.

If you could work with/meet/be friends with one person, living or dead, in the fashion industry, who would it be?
Giovanna Battaglia – work with/meet/be friends with/interview – all of the above. She’s an incredible woman and does not get enough recognition for what she does. I love her. She’s ageless and has a wonderful sense of humor. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, and I just really admire that she’s this beautiful, enigmatic woman who went after what she wanted. Here’s an interview with her.

What is your least favorite trend?
Jelly shoes – those plastic sandal shoes. I had a clear pair when I was probably ten or eleven. I wore them once while exploring construction sites of new homes (alone, mind you) and the stupid shoes turned brown because of all the dirt and had a nasty film left in them. Plus, they’re tacky. Bubblegum or cotton candy pink lipstick/gloss with bronze skin is also really tacky.

Most essential piece of clothing (something everyone should have in their closet)?
It may sound boring but a nice fitted black blazer. It’s the most basic of basics. You’ll need it for interviews, dressing up an outfit or just throwing on over skinny jeans and a t-shirt, though it has to be a good quality piece that is snug in only the right places. The black blazer is a classic.

A piece of advice/words of wisdom for those who want to go into blogging?
Building momentum will be difficult and there will be people who hate on you, but you have to say screw it and do what you want anyway. There are days when it is really tough to stay motivated because personal benchmarks aren’t being met within the time frame I have set for myself. But I try to keep my mind goal-oriented and just go for it because I enjoy doing it.


  1. Great interview! Love those shoes!

    1. Thanks! Check out her blog, its so cool. This: ( is the outfit post the picture is from, if you're wondering about the shoes.