Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The Tents" Review

Go watch it. Now.

Perusing Netflix last night, I had a sudden hankering to watch "The September Issue", a documentary about the making of American Vogue's September issue, and one of my favorite movies, fashion, or otherwise. But then, I put my foot down. I have seen The September Issue about 9200 times. There had to be another fashion movie like it. A quick search for "fashion movies" lead to the "fashion movies" homepage (who knew that was even a genre?!). Enter, "The Tents", a 2011 documentary about New York Fashion Week's 15 year run at Bryant Park, before it eventually moved to it's current home, Lincoln Center. The premise seemed interesting enough, and one line from the description that had caught my eye sealed the deal, "fashion's biggest names share...". I love any movie with famous fashion commentators. This movie had the motherload. 

The movie was amazing, and is now at the top of my favorites list. It chronicled the rise of New York Fashion Week, from an afterthought at the back end of all the different fashion weeks, to the most prestigious and best (not that I'm biased) fashion week of all, not to mention the start of all the fashion weeks. The story was interesting, but the majority of the film described what it was like to be at these shows, important moments in history that affected them, such as 9/11 and Alexander McQueen's death, and the utter chic ice-queen magic powers of Anna Wintour. The absolute best part was the commentary (which was almost all of it). Fashion Week is an event for everybody in the business, stylists, buyers, designers, editors, models, and photographers. So, the list of people that commented is long, and unbelievably illustrious; Glenda Bailey, Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Miss J Alexander, Diane Von Furstenberg, Patrick McDonald, Nina Garcia, Kelly Cutrone, Linda Fargo, Suzy Menkes, and a bajillion other people. It was insanity, and I loved it. 

In short, if you have ever dreamed of going to new york fashion week, watch this movie. It will put you there. 


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