Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lush Review : Take Two

Also known as me bragging about how much Lush I have...

As you guys probably know, from my previous long, drawn out, painful, gushing post about Lush cosmetics, I'm kind of in love with those guys. They are the the pickles to my....brine? The key to my safe (by which I mean they are excellent at coaxing me to spend all my money in one sitting). Not only are their products super cool, but their employees are consistently not only kind, knowledgeable, and helpful, but really fun and awesome. They all genuinely seem to love the products, and understand what you're looking for. I typically hate being bothered by pushy salespeople, but these cosmetic warriors always seem to take on this, "I am your friend, and as your friend, I will recommend these products. Now let me give you a facial!" thing that I enjoy. So, A+ to them on hiring the best salespeople ever. Also, they give samples. Not in a, "oh, would you like a sample?" way, but in a "here are 7 samples, take them and use them" sort of manner. It's amazing. I love these people. And now, the products.

I love lip products. Whether its a gloss, a stain, a stick, a crayon, a pencil, a pair of wax lips, it's probably been on my mouth at one point or another. However, sometimes, especially during the winter, in trying to rock a red lip, I'll look like I put my lipcolor on with a crayon. It's a chunky, peeling, awful mess, all due to my peeling lips. They're not even dry, they just peel. It's beyond annoying. I've tried the ineffective and kind of gross "toothbrush trick", intense moisturizing, and even rubbing them with a washcloth, but nothing has worked, until now. I picked a little tub of this stuff up on a whim the other day when I was in the lush store, and now I'm addicted. Whenever I use the scrub, which is almost every night, the results are surprisingly dramatic and instantaneous. The scrub tastes like a thin mint cookie, made with castor sugar, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and vanilla extract. The peppermint, combined with the friction of the scrub, leaves a nice tingly feeling on your lips, even after you lick off the scrub (my favorite part). Finish with a thick lip balm to moisturize your kisser, and your set. 

As you guys may or may not have gotten from my many long, drawn out posts on the subject, I kind of have the worst skin ever. It's an intensely oily, combination, super sensitive mess. So, naturally, I have to moisturize with a moisturizer that works with my tricky skin everyday, and NOT with one of those crazy, "look we put acid in our moisturizer!" ones. So, when the lady at lush started throwing samples at me, I'm glad she included a shot of this in the bunch. First off, it smells amazing, because of the lavender oil it contains to "balance" skin, and the rose water, which is just for fun. Also on the ingredients list, witch hazel, to tighten pores, shea butter, to lightly moisturize, and geranium oil, which is an astringent. The moisturizer is super light, and vanishes on my skin almost immediately, so there's no greasy feeling (hence the name). My skin feels clean and moisturized, and not too oily. Bravo! My only complaint, which may cause me to hold off on buying the real thing, is the price tag of 40 dollars for what seems like not that much cream. The price of beauty is a steep one. 

Lately, I've been trying to find a new toner, so I picked this one up from Lush. Toner seems to be the unsung hero of skincare, cleaning up the hidden mess your cleanser left behind, and making your skin soft and gorgeous. Well, who wouldn't want that? This toner has changed my life. Whenever I use it, I just feel my skin clearing up. The main ingredient, is, obviously, tea tree oil, which is an antiseptic to clean bacteria out of your pores. Next up, grapefruit and juniper water to soak up all the excess oil, to give you a matte finish. It treats my acne without overdrying my skin because it's water based, not alcohol based (like most toners). I love it in the morning, after I've washed my face, but it also makes an awesome pick-me-up for tired skin, at any point in the day. Seriously, just try this stuff. You'll be amazed. 

I stalked this mask online a while ago, but had to wait to run out of my other lush face mask (cosmetic warrior) to get it. It is listed on the site as the deepest cleansing mask, and got great reviews. Now, I understand why. The mask is made with a base of kaolin mud, which deep cleanses the pores, and contains eggs and honey, to soften skin, lime oil, which is an astringent, rosemary, which is an antiseptic, and ground almonds, to exfoliate. This crazy mix of ingredients mix together to reveal the most beautiful skin of your life. I swear I was still glowing the day after I used it, I didn't even wear makeup. This one is hands down my favorite mask for tired skin, and its just what the doctor ordered. Congratulation lush, for another awesome product. You guys just can't screw up, can you?

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  1. I like the mint julep lip scrub! I wanted it too except they gave me a chocolate one by accident which is kind of disgusting...ew. You should try the dream cream it rocks!!! Lets go to lush one day this week! BYE XOOXOO

  2. Hahahaha fail :P We should totally go! I <3 lush. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I've never tried Lush products because I thought they were all kinda seaweedy-fairy-dust type things. If that makes any sense. But after reading this, I have to admit, I'm kinda tempted :L Also, your blog is the shiz and be expecting more comments from me on stuff :L

    1. Hahaha that's exactly what I thought! They're actually really cool though, you should totally try them. And thank you, that means a lot. Your blog is sooo cool by the way! We think a lot alike :)

    2. I'll definitely have to :L Thanks for looking at my blog :)