Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stoney Clover Lane

A party on your arm...

Hi Guys! So, I spent the week working at my aunt's house in the Stoney Clover Lane "sweatshop", mailing out boxes to people who had ordered the bracelets through Good Morning America. For those of you who don't Stoney Clover Lane is, it's a bracelet company that's mainly online (except for the month of July, when they have a small pop-up shop in LA, those lucky californians). Their bracelets are adorable and have this really simple cool-girl je-ne-sais-quoi. The best part is that a quarter of their profits are donated to the dream foundation, which is basically make a wish for adults, a great cause. Basically, these bracelets are made by the coolest people ever, who just happen to be my cousins. So, anyway, my aunt payed me to help out with the shipping while my cousins packed up the pop-up shop. I said yes, obviously. It was a long week of repetitive work, but after it all, I was rewarded, with not only enough money to buy my dream shoes which I speak about in my real-list post, but I was gifted two of the three sets that were on sale for the GMA deal, both the glam set (blacks and grays) and starburst set (citrus shades), which were my two favorite sets anyways. Needless to say, I love them.

 I've pretty much worn them constantly ever since, and don't intend to take them off. These bracelets are so cute and comfortable to wear, and I get endless compliments on them. It's insane. I love mixing the two sets together to make this black and yellow and gray and red sammich that is just delicious. In other words, these bracelets are the best. Buy them. Now. Here.

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