Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Very Own Magic Crayons

Sadly they are not purple

I am obsessed, addicted, and consumed with lip products. They make up about 50% of all the makeup I own (which is a lot of product), and yet, somehow, are the least likely to be used. I have stacks of poor glosses and sticks and tints and balms that sit in their container, alone and friendless. Losers. However, I would have to say if my lip-product collection was a high school, which it obviously is, the popular kids would definitely be the lip crayons. They get around. They're super portable, easy to use, and just feel better on your lips than a stick or gloss. They have that, "we're awesome, but we don't care" honey-badger type appeal. They're just that cool. This makes me want to photoshop sunglasses onto them, because if the media has taught us anything, its that if you wear sunglasses, you are one of the cool kids. Period. Sounds logical, right?

Well aren't those some cool lip crayons. Anyways, back to the lip crayons. I've tried three different brands of lip crayons, which, in my mind at least, are the most popular three. The constantly advertised clinique chubby stick (I still don't understand why there's jello in the ads), the affordable-chic revlon balm-stain stick, and the tarte lipsurgence natural extravaganza. They all sound tempting. They all have benefits. They all have pitfalls. Lettuce continue.

Get it? Anyways, first up: Revlon Balm Stain. Nice, classy, expensive looking packaging (much better than the much more expensive tarte). I have to say, this is the one I've tried most recently, and it has to be my favorite. First of all, it's a balm. I guess the other sticks are balms of sorts too, but this just has that thick, not budging, super solid, burt's bees lipbalm type feel to it, which I love. I hate any lip product that feels as if it's going to slide off my lips. I also detect a hint of mint, but that's not advertised so who knows. Maybe I'm going crazy. The balm gives a really nice, buildable, slightly shiny color coverage. It just looks really good. It never settles in lip cracks or looks goopy, no matter the state of my lips. In fact, it moisturizes them pretty nicely. The second part of why I love this is that its a stain. So, long after the actual tangible and visible "product" has come off my lips, the color stays. Which I like, because I hate reapplying. If you hate lip color that doesn't fade, you're insane, and this is not for you. Moving on. 
Next: Tarte Lipsurgence. So, although this one is by far the priciest of the bunch, it is also my least favorite. The design is fairly similar to the other crayons, although the cap broke. That could just have been bad luck though. Or a carefully calculated plot to destroy the world. The world may never know. This has the softest consistency of the bunch, and is the most delicate. It goes on very sheer, with buildable coverage, but never really achieves opacity. Also, the colors, at least the ones I tried, are just worse. Not a big fan of these. They slide off in a second, and are overly shiny looking on my lips. These are probably the most likely to sit in any lip lines and cracks and look gooey and gross. Boo.
Lastly: Clinique Chubby Stick. I like the Clinique chubby stick, I really do. If the revlon one hadn't come out, it would be my favorite. The colors are great, and although they are sheer, they are buildable, and their sheer-ness looks good. They tailor the colors to look good with the sheerness, which is very important. The consistency is more solid than the Tarte, but less so than the Revlon. This is probably the closest to a tinted lip balm, super moisturizing, with just a hint of color. It looks super natural, and really good. I'm typically more into BAM, in-your-face, opaque color, but this just looks so low-key and pretty. Really good for people who like to look natural. Which I do...sometimes.
So, anyways, that's my rant. Go out and buy a lip crayon, you'll love it forever. Even when its older and slower and can't fit into its high school jeans anymore. Sunglasses never get too small. Remember that. 

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  1. I really like your blog!

  2. thank you! Yours is so cool. Is it new? I see there are only 2 posts...either way I like it. We have similar styles.