Thursday, February 27, 2014

NY Fashion Week - Some Musings

Hello Internet! Welcome to my new blog, Awkward Glamour (previously Wardrobe Hazard). Copywriting issues and other problems have FINALLY been worked out, so I can get back to bugging you guys on a daily basis. As you may or may not know, New York Fashion Week is currently underway. Not only is this incredibly exciting news for any devoted stalker such as myself, but it is the fall/winter season, my personal favorite.


Living in a north-western chunk of New York State that is basically part of Canada, there is nothing I love more than a cute coat. The absolute tragedy in that is that most cute coats are just that: cute. So, while I may look cool walking around outside, I am, in fact, freezing. In weather that is almost always below freezing, cute just doesn't cut it. This season, however, promises style without compromising warmth. The giant cropped chubby jackets at Marc Jacobs, for instance, are ridiculously cool, as well as a nostalgic reminder of those gorilla keychains that come on Kipling bags. The buzz word for many of the coats shown, really, is texture. Whether it be knit at Calvin Klein, shearling at Elizabeth and James, glitter at Rodarte, or Marc Jacobs's artificial gorilla fur, there is nothing ordinary about these coats. They are distinctive and bold, all while keeping you toasty warm. They combat both the polar vortex and the fashion police, making them perfect for any fashionista who just can't sacrifice extremities to look chic. 

The look under the coats, however, were anything if not cool. Rodarte, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Rodarte all channeled seventies glamour, complete with plunging necklines, disco glitter, and Star Wars. The slinky dresses, complemented with a ridiculously awesome fur at Ralph Lauren, look just like a costume Jennifer Lawrence might accidentally get Doritos on in American Hustle (google it). The coat and pants look at Rodarte is so perfect for fall, with all the strength of a modern working woman. The grecian-style dress, complemented with a print of C-3PO, is somehow ethereal and otherwordly, looking as if it came from a galaxy far far away. In short, these looks are sexy and powerful. I can feel the feminism. 

Lastly, there was a strong undercurrent of nineties minimalism and menswear dressing going on. A gray pantsuit at Ralph Lauren was simple and neutral, without being forgettable. Part of that, however, may have come from the fact that the model wasn't wearing anything under said gray pant suit, a rather NSFW choice to style the working woman. One of my favorite parts of the Marc Jacobs show was (besides the gorilla references) was the head-to-toe knitted sweater look. Like I said before, I basically live in the arctic. I need that outfit to keep warm, and channel nineties neutrals while doing so. I could top my arm warmers, leggings, scarf, and vest off with the menswear inspired look from Elizabeth and James. That big slouchy sweater is what dreams are made of, and those pants, well, frankly they look like what old men dream in, but in the best way possible. The vibe is great, and the strong, simple, menswear, mixed with the feminist power of the seventies, will definitely make for a totally awesome, slightly gender confused fall. Who's excited?!

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